Monday, August 31, 2009

Waterpod Project = high hopes and huge disappointment

We went to check out the Waterpod Project during a bike ride into the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  We brought high hopes with us to check out this 'floating eco-habitat' designed by Mary Mattingly to raise awareness to rising sea levels.  The Waterpod changes where it is docked every few weeks, and is open to the public for viewing and tours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I can definitely appreciate the work and vision that went into making this project a reality for Mrs. Mattingly.  She, with the help of other artists, have designed a pretty incredible thing.  It was best said on the Waterpod's website:  "The Waterpod is mobile and nomadic, and as an application for the future it can historicize the notion of the permanent structure, simultaneously serving as composition, transportation, island, and residence."

I do have a large complaint with the Project.  This is something you want people not in your community to witness, appreciate, and support.  I felt like I didn't belong when I came there to learn more about it. We arrived about 1pm, a few hours after they "opened" so being the first people there can't be an excuse.  We rode bikes reducing our carbon footprint, so that can't be an excuse.  However, each time we walked up to an area people that worked/lived on the barge looked away.  It was definitely not an open environment.  It was extremely cold and I felt that I was interrupting something.  Other people came while we were trying to understand it all and the attitude directed towards them was completely different, oh - they knew them.  So I would not personally not recommend going to the Waterpod to anyone I know.  I would suggest reading about it online, becoming intrigued and leaving it on a high note.  And for the folks on the Waterpod I'd recommend being more open to folks you don't know, because you never know who your biggest supporter will be.  Maybe it was an off day, maybe not.


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