Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good luck Vitris!

Saturday we awoke feeling great after devouring Galaxy diner a few hours prior. The weather quickly became the best weather we've had since moving to NYC so we made the most out of it by planning a trip to the High Line (discussed in detail on post titled High Line on June 29th, 2008) and lunch on the Frying Pan. During this planning a tragedy struck very close to us and where we were going when a private airplane struck a helicopter over the Hudson (read the "Sully" blog posted today for details). Nonetheless we embarked on our outing about 1pm and walked down to the Frying Pan.

The Frying Pan is a barge in the water located on 26th and Hudson that has become a restaurant and bar. On days like this with excellent weather it is a lively time with people soaking up the sun and enjoying a good burger and buckets of beer. We enjoyed both and then headed over to the High Line to continue our walk. The flowers here were captured on the H'Line.

Late Saturday afternoon we went over to Emily's place for a bbq in Vitris' honor (pictured above). There was a great group of people and great tasting food. Emily and Vitris were excellent hosts and we had a great time! Also, Vitris introduced me to Rhymefest whom I have been listening to a lot since then. Afterwards Paige, Christo, Greg and I headed back to Hell's Kitchen so I could introduce Christo to the neighborhood. Paige called it a night after the train ride and we hit up Deacon Brodie's, O'Flaherty's, and Rudy's. We also tried out the West Side Diner and I am going to stick to Galaxy from now on.

Sunday Christo headed out about 3pm and Paige and I lounged around the apartment. It was another very successful weekend in the books. Thanks for coming up Christo and good luck Vitris.



  1. I want to see pictures and an update on the new pad - Hurry it up will ya'll :)

  2. they will be taken this weekend. slow your roll! ha

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  4. Softened your stance on West Side? You were a little more direct than 'I'm sticking to Galaxy' that night