Sunday, August 2, 2009

Have you been drinking?

As an earlier post stated David and Kristi were in town the weekend of July 25th for a going away visit before they head off to Zurich to live for a few years. They have a blog - - that is quite entertaining. We had a great weekend visiting and will definitely miss them, though the first trip over Christmas and New Years is already being planned. I can't wait!

Friday night we met up with a good friend of Kristi's from high school, Alvin, his wife, and their new son. They suggested Soba Totto for dinner and I am glad they did. Alvin took the reigns and ordered family style for everyone so we could try multiple things. Some of the highlights were the dumplings, shrimp stuffed mushrooms, and yakitori.

The headline comes in when we attempted to go to Zum Schneider (pictured above) which is a German beer garden in Alphabet City. Alvin spoke pretty highly of this place and I was excited to check it out. When we got out of the cab, I got out on the left which was in the street. A cab going the opposite direction waved me on so I told Kristi and Dave to come on across as Alvin had already done so. When I approached the bouncer he asked me, "Have you been drinking?" I thought he was joking. It was 1 a.m. on a Friday night in New York, of course I had been drinking. However, I was in no way drunk. I responded "somewhat" to which he then said I wasn't going to be allowed to drink here. I was flabbergasted. He said that they don't allow patrons to drink if they have been doing so prior. After I went in with the rest of the group planning to not drink the bouncer told the bartender I was cut off to which he replied just kick us out (in far less polite terms). We again asked what was going on and why I was singled out when I was clearly not intoxicated. He said he made a judgement call when he saw me jay walking, and while it may have been premature he had to stick to it now. It was a joke, but the night was not lost and we continued to have a good time. I plan on going back and just being careful to follow all pedestrian rules within eyesight of the bouncer.

We spent all of Saturday shopping for David and Kristi to help them prepare for their move and went to dinner with Jessica and Lance in our neighborhood. They left first thing Sunday morning and Paige and I focused on finishing up a few things still needed to do in our apartment.



  1. goodblog...althought I live in wales (uk) ilove visiting NY ( and have done so19 times) great pictures

  2. thanks John! we're loving it here.