Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jenga can become an obsession

This past weekend was the busiest weekend in New York so far. I had a good buddy, Christo, in town for the weekend and also one of Paige's closest friend's from college, Vitris, was celebrating his last week in New York. Vitris went to the University of Texas at Austin with Paige and was accepted into Texas Law, however deferred for two years to participate in the Teach for America program here.
Friday afternoon I was meeting a guy, Robin, for happy hour that Sabrina Hu put me in contact with who moved to New York a few years ago after graduating from UGA. We met a a place called 123 Burger Shot Beer which is a place that will definitely be added to my list of local establishments. As the name states, burgers are $1, shots are $2, and beers are $3. Very affordable, very good, and a lively hangout on a Friday at 6pm.
Christo arrived about 7pm and after dropping his stuff off at the apartment met Robin and I at the bar for a bite and a few $3 Shock Top's. Paige joined about an hour later and after grabbing a bite we headed out to Williamsburg to meet up with Vitris and his girlfriend, Emily. Robin already had plans to go out so we parted ways here. Was a cool guy though so I'm sure we'll all hang out again.
In Williamsburg we met Vitris and Emily at a rooftop bar/restaurant Juliette. It had a very nice rooftop so we sat there for a beer and to catch up on the week. Afterwards we went to the South 4th bar just down the street where our buddy Gregg knows the owner. This proved to be my favorite spot as it combined my 2 loves, beer and games. We found ourselves playing Jenga for over an hour. According to Wikipedia "Jenga is a game of physical and mental skill" which obviously would explain why I excel at it! We made a brief stop at a German beer garden and then on to the Galaxy Dinner back in Hell's Kitchen for some much needed food before hitting the sack.
Video evidence is inconclusive of whether it was Paige or Greg "assisting" her that caused the tower implode. Sorry, it was dark in the bar so I had to adjust the brightness to see it good.  You can be the judge...

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