Friday, August 21, 2009

Bob Dylan and a naked guy walk into a bar...

Last night I went down the street to Rudy's with Driscoll for a few drinks and we spotted a guy talking with the police. Didn't think to much of it until we realized he wasn't wearing pants. After talking with the door guy at Rudy's we find out the guy has been walking around 9th avenue being friendly with other pedestrians. Driscoll has an iphone so he snapped this pic as they were loading the guy into the ambulance. I'm sure he was being taken to Bellevue to stay a few nights and receive a little help.

In a related story if you haven't heard: About a month ago a policewoman picked up an "eccentric old man acting suspiciously" in the Latin quarter. The man identified himself as Bob Dylan, however didn't have i.d. The police officer obviously didn't believe him so she ordered him to the back of the police car until she could determine who he was. The man asked if she would go by a hotel where he was staying after his concert with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp. She still did not believe him but decided to stop by the hotel when she drove past and saw large tour buses out front. Turns out the "eccentric old man" was indeed Bob Dylan.

This isn't strange, this is New York.


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