Monday, October 26, 2009

honk if you despise those that ... honk??

These street signs are placed all over the city in a feeble effort to deter drivers from honking their horns.  It doesn't work.  I'm actually not even sure I understand the brainpower that went behind this sign.  It is about as ridiculous as Sonny Perdue (Atlanta governor) holding a prayer circle at the Capitol during a drought.  I'm also confused on the separation of church and state there, but that is another issue.

In most situations it would become white noise, but I don't think it will because I take personal offense to it.  In fact, I would support capital punishment on those that choose to honk in the most ridiculous of circumstances.  The majority of time I see someone honking (especially the beloved prolonged ones) is in non-moving traffic.  What is the end goal here?

Granted, I am a little sensitive to the issue because even when I drove I thought honking was a joke and saw no value in it. Alas, I'm not sure anything can be done to curb the issue.  If it counts, my vote is for electric shock.


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