Thursday, October 15, 2009

"next time i'm in church, please no photos"

As a part of the OHNY weekend we were also able to tour the House of the Redeemer.  I have a fascination with the grand scale in which religious buildings pride themselves on, and this one did not disappoint.  However, this House was originally built as a personal residence and later deeded to the Episcopal Church.

Today it is noted as one of the finest Italian Renaissance revival-styled townhouses, and one of the most distinguished examples of early 20th century residential architecture in New York City.  The house was designated a New York City Landmark in 1974.

Nevertheless, while touring the House I must admit I felt I was in a real life version of Clue, minus the murder of course.  Miss Scarlet was responsible for our opening tour explaining the history and getting us eager for more.  Mrs. White lived up to her duties of being an uptight maid of the manor showing us around the kitchen and maid quarters.  Also, Professor Plum gave us a proper tour of the library (which was incredible and our favorite room) which he happens to be writing a book about.  However, if there was a murder, I would put all my money on Mrs. White.  After granting permission to take pictures she felt the need to give me, and others, a serious evil eye when we did so.  Paige actually at one point told me to stop because she made her nervous.

Here are some pictures we took while taking a tour of the House.  For more feel free to check out my FLICKR set for more.


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