Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The UES is like Merlot

For no specific reason, other than opinions of others (and the movie sideways), I've never been too interested in trying either.  However, being open to all things new, I've now tried both.  As a part of OHNY we were able to sign up for a free tour of the Carnegie Hill neighborhood.  The neighborhood is on such a grand scale it's impossible not to appreciate the beauty.

Carnegie Hill is named for the mansion that Andrew Carnegie built at 91st and 5th in 1901.  The neighborhood is home to the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, The Jewish Museum, the National Academy of Design, the House of the Redeemer, and the Dalton School.  Our tour took us by these sites and provided a brief history of each.

Here are some pictures taken on the tour.  For more, feel free to check out the FLICKR set on Carnegie Hill.



  1. i dig the pics. is it near east village?

  2. No, this is in the Upper East Side. Carnegie Hill roughly spans from E86th to E96th and 3rd ave to 5th ave (the park). Check out the flickr to see the other pics.

    This week I'm going to post some pics of our tour of the House of the Redeemer in Carnegie Hill as well. They are architecture and imported decorations are pretty unbelievable.