Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NY Pizza

A common theme of New York is the quality of their pizza and how fond folks are of it.  I consider myself a big fan of good pizza, but I will admit that I wasn't impressed after moving here.  Some of the places that came highly recommended I found dry and just not that flavorful. This was until the day we signed on our apartment.  We were getting the run around at our credit union trying to get an official check so we went for a quick bite while we had to wait.  Thankfully we were on 31st and 8th avenue and stumbled upon the NY Pizza Suprema.

NY Pizza Suprema was established in 1964 by an Italian immigrant, Salvatore Riggio, and is still owned by the Riggio family.  Salvatore's motto was "Do one thing and do it better than anyone else."  He felt this way about the plain cheese slice, so that was all they served until 1988.  Now the menu has expanded from the cheese slice to supreme pizzas, broccoli rolls. and calzones.

I find myself happily sticking with a slice of pepperoni and a slice of sausage.  I am just thankful I live a little too far away to convince myself to walk there more often.  It could get bad.

bon appétit!



  1. Hi Andrew...I have really been enjoying your blog. Thanks for reaching out on facebook.
    A pizza place that Thad and I LOVE in NYC is called Lombardi's Pizza in Little Italy. We ate there right before we caught our flight home the last time we went and If I didnt have a purse, computer bag and my luggage to carry I would have gotten another pizza to go. It was fantastic! There is also a Paul Frank store around the corner with some cute shirts and stuff. Enjoy NY!

  2. Thanks Maria! I'm glad you have been reading, especially since you are enjoying it. :) I have definitely enjoyed picking it up and hope to continue it. Next on the list is a better camera.

    I have been to Lombardi's. We went one evening, and i'm guessing because it was late or some other unique reason we just didn't love it. admitting that in the city is blasphemous, because it is loved. but we thought it was really dry. however, we do plan on going again. we have a friend in town next weekend, and she has already said she wants to go. so i'm crossing my fingers for round two.

    CONGRATS on the engagement. emailing y'all now.

  3. NY Pizza Suprema is one NYC's best pizza places. Ed Levine loves it and it was recently featured on "Toni On NY" as one of the true gems of pizzerias in NYC. Lombardis is cool for whole pies too and Suprema is great as a slice place. For slice places Suprema is the best in my book.