Saturday, October 10, 2009

'In music the passions enjoy themselves'

As someone has pointed out, the blog has been heavy into Theatre the past couple weeks.  We have been fortunate lately by scoring many free opportunities to see some great shows.  However, we do enjoy other arts.  We are big local music fans.  In Atlanta we frequented and enjoyed shows featuring The Goldest, Jupiter Watts, Envie, Water Liars, and those departed (not to name drop some killer bands I happen to know people in).

So in New York we had to find good spots for local music.  After a few searches, I had a list of several bands that I wanted to check out.  Great article on some of the top New York bands to see here.

On this evening we went to The Living Room in the Lower East Side.  The band was pretty interesting.  The lead singer had a deep funky voice, though it seemed like he wasn't a fan of remembering lyrics.  Also, there were 2 piano players in the band, which i enjoyed, however they seemed to struggle with who would play each part before the song.  I couldn't tell if this was a new band, or if they had a few subs on this evening.  Somehow, even with what appeared to be a lot of stress on stage, the set was pretty good.

However, our night at the Living Room was made a success by these ladies below.  They were quite a crew. If you look, the one on the left has her arm in a sling and she was walking with a cane, while the lady on the left clearly had a neck brace and had an arm in a soft cast.  Either they had 'join a fight club' on their bucket list, or they are still hoping for that workers comp settlement to come through. Either way, I had to look, laugh, and of course take a picture



  1. Hello to Andrew and Paige from Kevin Wallace. Miss you guys! The ATL is now Remickless and therefore lamer! How's NYC treating you?

  2. Hey man, how have you been doing? We miss you guys as well, which I think is a perfect reason for a NYC visit. i think i know of a pull out couch that y'all can claim. :) We love it man, truly is always something to do ranging from free museums, hella good food, and nightlife.

    How are y'all doing? Looks like the z6p is going strong.