Friday, October 2, 2009

Lady Liberty

Moving to New York was partly an investment in memories.  We wanted to be sure and do anything we could in order to get the full experience.  That being the case, when I read that the Statue of Liberty, for the first time in history, would be open to tour for one night I had to jump on it.  It was touted as a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity according to The Gothamist.  I try not to miss those.

The occasion was in celebration of National Park Week and also to bring awareness to Ken Burns' new documentary on the history of National Parks in the United States.

Neither Paige or I had ever been to the Statue, and to be honest, did not have a major drive in visiting.  However, after this visit I am definitely glad we did and am looking forward to visiting again so that I can go into the crown.  Tickets for the crown are currently sold out through November.

Here are a few pictures, however viewing on blogspot doesn't really provide justice as the quality is affected.


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