Thursday, October 22, 2009

International Market

It's hard to find what I like most about living in the city.  While showing our friend Charlotte around the city I caught myself saying "that's one of my favorite things about the city" a lot.  So after thinking about it, I realized that I just like it all.  So this post is on 'one of my favorite things about the city' - the Markets.  You can find anything you want here.

The International Grocery is a place that we have enjoyed shopping in and know we will for the extent of our time here.  While the store front leaves a lot to be desired, the inside is very inviting.  The smells from all the fresh spices, grains, and coffees blending together provides a wonderful aromatic and aesthetic experience.  They cater to all spice needs, exotic coffees, grains, cheeses, olives, and more.  The store has a Mediteranean bazaar vibe to it which I appreciate, and that is most likely due to the Karamouzis brothers (one pictured below) running it for over 30 years.

bon appétit



  1. you need to ship me some baklava. zurich could learn a thing or two about yummy eateries.

  2. Yeah, it's my birthday next month. Expecting some frackin Baklava.