Wednesday, September 23, 2009

VMAs return to NYC and welcome the drama

I know this is late, but I was waiting for all the Kanye drama to die down.  want the media or other blog sites snatching my exclusive photos.  These were taken just hours before Taylor Swift was famously interrupted on stage at the VMAs.  

back story...

Paige and I were walking back from Rockefeller Center when we heard Taylor Swift, and while it sounded live we dismissed it as someone playing a live cd from their car.  I also joked to Paige that if she really was performing live this close the little girls around us would be running.  Well, as we hit broadway we did see people running north and looked up to see Taylor Swift performing outside of Radio City Music Hall.  It was definitely cool to be walking around and then all of the sudden you see a pretty famous singer performing 80 feet in front of you.

Here are some quick pics I took, though her spot lights were so bright the shots were affected.

the crowd at Radio City Music Hall at 1pm.  VMAs didn't go on until 8pm.  nuts

standard pose

her band heading down from the roof.


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