Monday, September 14, 2009


was the chant from the Bleacher Creatures at the end of roll call and it honestly made the day at the yankee game. It's no secret I'm easily bored when it comes to baseball and have attended many Braves games from the Chop House only watched the game from the TV's near the picnic tables and bar. But sports in the northeast are a different animal. The fans are actually into the game and support their team. This is far different from the entitled Braves fans that couldn't even sell out playoff games in their winning stretch.

We went to the afternoon game on Labor Day and I can't think of a better way to celebrate a holiday established for Blue Collar workers. Jeter was only 4 hits away at this time from passing Gehrig as the all time Yankee hitter (has since surpassed it) but was 0-4 this day. Paige's friend Nikki is a bigger Yankee fan than I have ever met, and I guess you can say one of the biggest all around sports fans I've ever met, and she was hoping for Jeter to pull through while we were in the stands. While I've admitted to not being a big baseball fan, it would have been pretty cool being in there when he broke the record.

This video shows the Bleacher Creatures in actions ( doing the roll call chant as the Yankees take the field in the 1st inning. 'Bald Vinny' leads the call at every Yankee home game:

A few of the pics taken:

you have to pre-game before heading there right??

first sight after walking out of the train station at Yankee stadium

cruelty? or everyone needs to pay rent somehow?



  1. Love the pics! The dog is my favorite! :-)

    Have a great day!

  2. Haha... glad to see Delta is the official airline even in the northeast! ;) Love the blog!

  3. thanks blog stalker.

    yes cathryn, delta is everywhere. haha. thanks!

  4. Hate the Yanks, but you have to appreciate the roll call baby. The original Bleacher Creatures. MONEY!!!!

  5. Yeah Tim, I don't have any tie with the Yankees but being able to experience the Bleacher Creatures was really cool. I'd like to catch a game in Seattle, I'm sure the fanfare there is good too. Atlanta games are just boring for the most part. (Unless we are there sitting in the outfield, ha)