Thursday, September 24, 2009

After Miss Julie

After Miss Julie is currently in previews at the Roundabout Theatre in Times Square and will be showing through December 6th.  We were fortunate enough to receive comp tickets to last night's performance and had excellent seats.  It was also special because it was the first show we've been able to see since moving to New York.

After Miss Julie is set in a large country estate outside of London in July, 1945. The British Labour Party had just won their famous landslide election victory over Winston Churchill's Conservative party promising radical change and reform.  The production features Sienna Miller as Miss Julie, a young woman who seduces her wealthy father's chauffeur, whom is soon to marry another woman. (Personally, I found this somewhat ironic because this isn't too far from her recent paparazzi captured rendezvous with a married Balthazar Getty)  The chauffeur is played by Johnny Lee Miller, whom you may recall as Sick Boy from Trainspotting and the lead in the sitcom, Eli Stone.  Marin Ireland, a Tony Award nominee, plays the scorned woman and has been in numerous theatre productions.

We really liked the play and were really happy we were able to see it.  It was nice to see formal theatre as the last shows we've seen have been musicals and theatrical displays (i.e. Stomp, Avenue Q, Fuerzabrutta, etc).  Here there was nothing to hide behind and talent takes center stage.  I found Sienna's performance very honest and believable for her largest theatrical role.  I thought Marin Ireland shined in her role, with her experience being very evident in her facial expressions, tone, and stage presence during silent scenes.

(pics to be uploaded soon)



  1. What about Jonny? What did you think of his performance?

  2. I don't have any complaints about Johnny, but I think the women took the limelight. I did enjoy the way he was able to display his different emotions towards the end of the play. Not sure if you have seen it or not, but the plot called for him to appear conflicted and confused which he displayed by lashing out. i thought he did so well.