Saturday, September 12, 2009

the BLUBLOCKER experiment

For those that don't remember, Blublocker sunglasses were made famous during the 80's by infomercial king Joe Sugarman.  I always thought they were pretty cool but I'm not a big fan of ordering something off the internet I can't touch first.  However, my hesitation in getting a pair was removed when walking through Times Square a few weeks ago and saw a vendor selling genuine Blublockers. It was a sign the time had come, so I pulled the trigger and picked up a pair.

The experiment:  The first time I put them on I remarked to Paige how much I liked how they tinted the view.  Everything you look at through them takes on a vintage look.  Paige jokingly said I should hold the camera up to them when taking pictures for the same effect.

Here are a few pictures I used the Blublocker effect on at The Frying Pan on the Hudson River and at the Yankee game on Labor Day...

If anyone knows Joe Sugarman, tell him I'd be up for appearing on future infomercials.  The are making a comeback after all.

(yes, I am aware that some cameras have a function to give photos this look.  I am also aware that photo editing software can give this look as well.  But I consider this the forest park, GA way of doing things.)


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