Thursday, June 25, 2009

Loading the truck

--trying to find time to go back and post about the move and first week here since it was so hectic and we had no time to post anything --

The load began on 6/13 saturday morning after I dropped paige off at the airport. We had probably gotten 90% of the loft packed and ready for moving so I had a couple hours to prepare the rest. Jonathan Trost, Dietz Ellis, and Mike Wilt graciously accepted the request to help so I figured we could knock it out pretty quickly. This isn't the first time I've been incorrect on my time estimates in regard to moving (sorry white).

Jonathan, Dietz, and Mike arrived between 12-1 and we were underway. We loaded a majority of the truck by 3 without many issues and then we got to the few remaining items. This always seems to be the worst part. The maid had arrived to begin cleaning, and I was in a rush to clean our remaining things out of the loft so she could do her job.

The final two items to finish up were the plasma tv and the storage room. By this time Gerndt had arrived after his test and Dietz and Mike had gone. So the three of us (Gerndt, Trost, and I) put the plasma in the very expensive box I had to purchase for it and I sent them off. We were going to meet up at Gerndts in a few hours for a bbq. Once they left I unpacked the storage room and somehow managed to fit those items in the already crammed 16 foot Penske truck. We were finally loaded, thankfully!

I drove up to Gerndt's for a little bbq action with Gerndt, Callie, and Trost, and per usual Gerndt and Callie provided a feast which was quite tasty. Living in New York I'm not sure how often we'll be able to enjoy grilling - so thank you both for that!

After a couple beers and some highly competitive pool and cricket we called it a night. Callie and I had a long drive ahead of us the next two days.


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