Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Grocery Experience

So while Paige was at work I decided to venture out on the first real grocery store experience in NYC. I google mapped the nearest store, which happened to be a Gristedes, and nervously made the couple block walk. I was only going to pick up lunch stuff and other one off items to make do until the weekend when we can get a full list together. First off, there is not much of a selection and secondly, there is not much of a selection. These stores are a 1/4 of the size of a normal grocery store in Atlanta while attempting to carry a wide range of products. After checking out I left with lunch goods for a week (i.e. wraps, turkey, mustard and mayo), 2 bags of salad, salad dressing, chicken, bottled water, and some deodorant for $66.41. Yes, I was a little sticker shocked.

I have decided for our first shopping experience after we move into our actual apartment (the big stockpile of items) we should probably rent a Zip car and drive into Brooklyn for the Target Superstore. It will work out to be cheaper and provide a selection I am used to.

A side note: I felt somewhat like a leper when the cashier asked me if I had reusable bags or if I'd need plastic bags. Also, I'm pretty sure everyone was staring at me walking the few blocks home carrying groceries in plastic bags. Reusable bags are a must!



  1. awesome to hear you guys are settling in! Sticker shock is real - I am sure David will get to know it soon over here. Also one of two main groery chains here won't even give you plastic bags! you have to bring your own bag or buy a paper one from them.

  2. I'm glad my experience wasn't a singular one. I'm glad you found the blog, I haven't given out yet other than to David. Still playing around with it first. I've definitely enjoyed reading yours. Hope things are going well!