Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joy Ride

If you've never seen the movie Joyride don't waste your time, but if you have you'll understand the title of this blog. It is a movie about some young people on a road trip when a psychotic trucker tries to kill them. This movie sums up our drive through Virginia.

In Virginia we learned a few annoying lessons. Two of which were -
1. They do not dare go above the speed limit
2. If there is a sign notifying of Road Construction ahead and the right lane is closed. They do so immediately leaving the right lane completely open.

This is how our drive became the movie, because in Atlanta we don't just leave a lane completely open because a sign tells us it may be closed ahead. We stay in the right lane until the end and hop over. So I followed that practice here and remained in the right lane passing a lot of drivers in their tracks nearly stopped in the left lane. As it turns out workers had re-opened the lane and the sign had just not been taken down yet. So a lot of drivers had wasted their time getting into the left lane and slowing to a crawl.

Therefore, about 10 miles up when we saw another sign warning of a lane closure we remained in the right lane continuing to pass other drivers. A trucker did not like seeing me coming up the right lane unobstructed and preceded to merge into the right lane blocking me and went about 10mph along with those in the left lane. He was doing this clearly to piss me off, and it was working. I waited for him to leave enough room in the left lane for me to pass him and made my move. I lagged behind a few hundred feet to have acceleration room and went for it. As I flew around his side he decided to take back half the left lane intentionally trying to run me off the road. I somehow held the truck in the lane and kept accelerating. We could see him looking down from his window with a facial expression of "what the fuck is this kid doing??" He finally relinquished and we passed him.

Not too long afterward we ran into some traffic and could see the truck coming up the right lane not too far from us. At this point I was pretty sure he had CB'd some friends and wasn't too happy that we didn't back down under his pressure. Callie and I began taking about the Joy Ride movie and I was pretty sure it was coming to life when Callie said 'well i flipped him off!" As he approached we noticed he never came next to us and cautiously stayed behind. Callie realized that he was probably avoiding us because of the mandatory "How am I driving #". This day I was very happy that sticker existed. Traffic let up and we pulled away to never see him again.


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