Saturday, June 27, 2009

The drive to NYC

Sunday morning Callie and I got on the road ~10 am. To give a little back story, Callie has never been to NYC before and has summer's off (she's a teacher) so she volunteered to ride up with me. This way I could have some company and she could hang out in New York for a week and check it out.

The drive to DC took a few more hours than projected and we arrived after 12 long hours where John Longmire had graciously offered us a free place to crash. We caught up with him for a while and then hit the sack. We were back on the road by 10 am and on our final leg to NYC. We made a stop for lunch at Geno's Cheese Steaks in Philly which solidified my dislike of their cheese steaks. They are far to dry in Philly - they can have 'em. We got into Hoboken, NJ where we would be storing our things for the month about 430 pm.

I had arranged for movers to meet us at the Public Storage facility in order to help me unload. As the day progressed they continually pushed out the time they would arrive. Callie and I decided to give it a shot and knock out the small things so once they arrived it wouldn't take too long. The small stuff turned into the big stuff and Callie and I unloaded the entire truck into storage by ourselves. THANK YOU CALLIE! This was not planned as it was a lot of work for the two of us, but we were so ready to be done and in Manhattan.

We dropped off the Penske truck and met Paige about 8pm at our corporate housing on 24th and 7th in Chelsea

I was now officially living in New York City.


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