Friday, July 24, 2009

surprises, bull rides, and puppies

Last weekend was Paige's birthday. We have been so incredibly stressed with her long hours, finding a place to live, and me finding a job that we haven't had many opportunities to sit back and enjoy the fact that we made it here. I wanted to do everything I could to make the time enjoyable for her.

During our going away party our friend Priscilla decided she wanted to fly up and surprise Paige for her 25th birthday. They are really close and have celebrated their last few birthdays together seeing that they are only a week apart. The issue here is that she wanted to surprise Paige. I'm not good at surprises so Priscilla was on my ass to make sure I didn't blow this one. Somehow I didn't. She arrived Friday (17th) before Paige got home from work and hid in the bedroom. I gave Paige a card from Priscilla as if it had arrived in the mail, and as she finished reading it Pris came out and the surprise was complete. Paige gasped and then began crying, it was definitely a reward worthy of holding in the secret.

Priscilla with one of Paige's closest friends from high school, Limor

Friday night we went to a mexican restaurant near us, Arriba Arriba, which was quite tasty and the ladies found plenty of eye candy. We then went to a few bars around us in an effort to explore the neighborhood. Saturday night we went to a bar called Mason Dixon which is on the Lower East Side after a stop over at our downstairs neighbor's patio. They have a patio that is out of this world so it was a fun way of getting to know them and their friends. Sunday morning we got up a little haggard and made our way to brunch in the UWS at Good Enough to Eat. We had heard many positive reviews and upon seeing the line outside we had high hopes for what was to come. I was not impressed and don't feel the need to return. I don't believe they seasoned anything properly and each dish left you needing more flavor. Afterwards we went to my cousin's place to see their new golden retriever pup Jackson. He was adorable!

Successful weekend for the books.


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