Saturday, July 11, 2009

home sweet home

Yesterday we signed the lease to our dream apartment in NYC. It's in Hell's Kitchen, which we find to be a pretty sweet area. It reminds me a lot of the Virginia Highlands and Little 5 Points mixed together (hoods in atlanta for those not in the know). Frankly, I also find it nice to tell people I live in Hell's Kitchen. Personally I feel that name puts off a great vibe, edgy, fun, free - not the norm.

We started our search here in HK, but quickly left after most of the places we were finding were a little too far out. We then focused our attention on the Upper West Side which we still love (particularly the 70's and Central Park West. We found 1 place we loved that I let slip through the cracks and 2 that we strongly liked that we weren't the first application in. My cousin Jessica put it best describing the one i let get away by saying, "yeah, you fucked up!" haha, thanks jess. Well, with this one, I feel I have found redemption. This place has even more character, a full dining room, and the kitchen is 3 times the size. My mission to find an apartment became an obsession after I let the first one get away because I didn't want to live in regret the next few years with comparing our 'alright' abode to the one we lost. Now I am confident we will never fill that way, and we are more than pleased with what we now call home.

Our place is a brownstone built in 1908 and located on 46th and 9th. There are only 4 units in the building and they are all floor thru's. Our unit is located on the parlor floor which during the pre-war days was considered the entertaining floor. This floor was home to the features we wanted: 15" ceilings, extensive crown molding, fireplace, beautiful hardwood floors, etc.


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