Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tourist for a day

Charlotte came to visit, so to fulfill hosting obligations I showed her around the city.  She had only been to New York once before and hadn't done much of the 'touristy' stuff.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time and didn't take many pictures.  Here are some I did take ...

as you can see, we had different ideas for the bull picture

there hasn't been much progress in the construction that I can tell

'Bell of Hope' - St. Paul's Chapel presented this on the first-year anniversary of 9/11

It was fun pretending to be a tourist for a day and re-visiting these landmarks.  I think I may propose we do 'touristy' things once every couple of months to refresh our appreciation of them.  Whether it be a walking tour, museum, etc - when you live here you don't feel the urgency to visit them.  I hear all to often from people who have lived here 5+ years expressing regret from not taking time to see the sights.


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