Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good music, cold beer, and fried chicken

Zac Brown is someone I've been following since the college days where he played for free at Dixie's Tavern in Atlanta.  He now has a full band and is making it big on the charts after "Chicken Fried" hit the radio last year.  I first heard it in 2003 and was hooked on his style.  He is a welcomed change from the overly 'poppy' country that monopolizes the charts these days.

We were able to see him at Terminal 5 only a few blocks from our house.  This tour was in support of his new label and a way to introduce his new acts.  His new artists (3) came out one at a time to play 3 original songs and then Zac joined them for 2 more.  This took about an hour and a half, followed by the Zac Brown Band playing for the next hour and a half.  The concert was amazing!

We were also lucky to be introduced to Clay Cook this evening.  He is now a permanent member of the Zac Brown Band, and an incredible talent.  His voice range was impressive, as were his skills at piano, guitar, mandolin, and fiddle.  I look forward to seeing him on a solo project soon. The video below is a cover of Dylan's 'I shall be released'.  Clay Cook sings after Zac Brown in the beginning, followed by Sonia Leigh and crew. I have a feeling his label is going to be successful.

Here is a snippet of Chicken Fried to appease the masses...


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