Monday, November 9, 2009

NYC Marathon

Sunday marked the 40th annual NYC Marathon.  The marathon hosted over 40,000 runners starting at the Verrazano Bridge in Staten Island and went through all four boroughs.  This year also marked the first time an American citizen has placed first since 1982.  Some critics are saying since he wasn't born in the United States that this is not as big of an accomplishment as it may seem.  It's a marathon, does it really matter?

We took the opportunity to go for a long walk through Central Park and cheer on the runners along the way.  I thought it would be a good spark in my non-existent workout routine.  Though I have no aspirations to run 26.2 miles. None.

Also, I made sure to give a few yells and claps to those on their morning runs not involved in the marathon.  While they appeared shocked at first, I think they enjoyed it after realizing I wasn't going to attack them. After all, they must have felt left out.  If people are there cheering on 40k runners, why not cheer for these extras?  They are runners too.

Here are a few pictures we took in the park and of the runners.

Dun-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BATMAN

there were many costumes, though this rabbit mask was a crowd pleaser 

I would have preferred the Spartans, but they were fine

Central Park in the fall

After watching an exhausting run, we treated ourselves to CRUMBS


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  1. when i finally get into the damn race, you guys better come out and cheer my slow ass. beer damn you - beer.

    happy nye - yo! hugs from the south.