Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What’s in a URL?

Inman Perk is taken from the name of our favorite local coffee shop in our favorite neighborhood in Atlanta, Inman Park. Before Paige and I began dating and she introduced me to it, she said it reminded her of Austin, TX (she's a proud longhorn!) and always enjoyed coming to it. Fast forward a year and a half and we now share a loft across the street and find ourselves their often. We have found it to be the perfect place for a quick cup of coffee, or to take the laptop over and research a trip we are taking or the move that is very soon on the horizon. And as I am typing this first blog entry I am sitting in Inman Perk drinking a vanilla latte - it is quite tasty.

An excerpt from Inman Perk's website I found fitting: Inman Perk Coffee was once just a family's idea -- an idea to bring really good coffee and a warm comfortable atmosphere to the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. Inman Park is often called “Atlanta’s Oldest Neighborhood” and it thrives as a community of people who are interested in making their neighborhood and the world a better place. Inman Perk Coffee believes in that goal. It is a place where artists draw their sketches, writers write their books, and people meet and enjoy each other’s company on a daily basis.

I have now finished my latte and thus the inaugural post. As a disclaimer, I am fully aware that I am not the best writer and that my grammar and vocabulary skills are not above par. I tend to make up words and use them with enough confidence so that people won’t question their validity. I was unaware I did this, however Paige relishes the opportunity of calling out my creative joining and pronunciation of words. That being said, I think bruthless should be added to the dictionary.


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