Friday, May 29, 2009

laid off = moving

I was informed of my layoff in November 2008 with a termination date of March 30th. During this time Paige began speculating she would be let go come January.  As speculated Paige was informed in January of her severance with a termination day of April 30th. This fueled our urge to move to New York City as we realized we would never be in this position again.  Here we were without jobs, without car payments, and without a mortgage which left us with minimal financial responsibilities.  

So after Paige's notification in January we decided we were doing it. We had aspirations of beginning our job search and finding something to start in June (as we had a West Coast road trip already planned for much of May). However, after procrastination, stress from job loss, and planning our vacation May came and we had not found jobs in NYC.  

Alas, things have a way of working out.  On our way to the airport leaving for vacation Paige received a phone call requesting her to interview for a position in New York.  Although this position would mean returning to Macy's she accepted in order to see what they would be willing to offer.  The next morning Paige had the phone interview and was soon offered the position.  After a week of negotiations she accepted an offer to start June 15.  

Paige is now in Texas where she is leaving her car and other items we will not be able to use in NYC.  She is taking this opportunity to visit family and friends and will be flying back to Atlanta on May 5th.  We will then pack the loft and prepare her to fly one-way to NYC on June 13th and arrive at temporary housing.  I will be driving a U-Haul with our stuff to store there until we can find a place of our own, hopefully in July.  

I can not even try to explain how excited we are about actually doing this.  After much thought and discussion, it is happening - we are moving to New York City!


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