Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking forward to my next 30 years...

In 2007 my brother, sister in law, Paige, and myself came to New York to celebrate my 28th birthday.  I didn't know this, but at the time Kristi thought it was my 30th Birthday, otherwise this trip may not have happened. She was shocked to find out we went to New York for a birthday as insignificant as 28, ha. This was my first trip to the city and it definitely sold me.  We did the standard touristy things, had a great meal at WD-50 (complete with birthday cupcake, thank you), saw Fuerzabruta, and witnessed the late hours of something we had never heard of, Santacon.  One evening as we exited the train in Astor Place we saw ~100 people dressed in Santa Suits, clearly inebriated, running around spraying silly string on anything they could and singing carols.  I looked at everyone and said something to the effect of we should have done that.  Here is a picture of my brother and I in 2007 spinning the Astor Place Cube after it had been ‘tagged'.

Cut to 2009 and since we are now living here, I realized it was the perfect way to celebrate my 30th birthday. Partly to show that 30 year olds can still hang and also because why the heck not? Our day started with bagels and drinks at 10:30 while following Santacon on twitter to see where they were.  By the time we met up with everyone (11:30 am) people had already taken it too far, others were getting started, and Harmon Killebrew didn't realize he was about to be in for a long day.

A few pictures from the day…

the starting group waiting on the train to debauchery 
first bar stop well into Harmon Killebrew 
Santacon brought the worst out in Jesus 
for some reason there were 'spandex santas' climbing outside one stop

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